Sept. 2015- May 2019

SayCheese was started in 2015 in the high school classrooms of two life skills special education teacher, Corey Graef, and Debbie Jackson. They added food and hospitality to their vocational program. Over time, they proceeded to turn their classrooms into a restaurant where their students with special needs prepared grilled cheese meals and served the high school staff.


Summer of 2019

Corey and Debbie shared a vision to expand SayCheese and make a difference for people with special needs. In June, SayCheese, Inc. became a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.


Fall of 2019

SayCheese partners with Karyn Morris, owner of Sweet and Southern Finds, to cook and serve  from her business commercial kitchen.


January 2020

Grand Opening of SayCheese.